Tiny tales of terror - The clown

No one wants a clown anymore - too creepy, too scary.
Only you were stupid enough to love them.

You see, I remembered that hideous bedroom of yours. All those ornaments and Pierrot dolls. My first date gift to you -  a trip to the circus. How you laughed at their pathetic tomfoolery. Then you dumped me for that boy in the Sixth Form.

But I bided my time and stalked you on Facebook. I think you'd even forgotten you'd friended me. I saw your post 'Does anyone know a clown for a party? I told my friend Helen, and she told you.

Of course, you didn't recognise me when I turned up on your doorstep. 

'Hello there, it's Bobo, the clown. Do you like the flower on my lapel? No -  it won't squirt you in the eyes. Come closer. There's no water in this flower.' 

And there wasn't. The flower sprayed liquid of a different kind.


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