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The Sinister Rabbit

Jackie’s a sinister rabbit You won’t see him hop – he just creeps He tucks himself under your pillow And nibbles your neck while you sleep. On Sundays, he sidles down chimneys His beady eyes watching the coast Then he’ll sneak in and your turn off your oven And devour your best Sunday Roast. You might see a glimpse of a bobtail, Or hear the faint gnawing of teeth But brother, if you want to confront him Tell your sister to go buy a wreath. Where did he come from – nobody knows He’s a changeling, a devil-may-care Jackie’s a sinister rabbit And he’s sitting right under your chair…

Peg Entwhistle - the Ghost of the Hollywood sign

For over one hundred years, actors and filmmakers  have headed to the bright lights of Hollywood with the dream of making it big in pictures. Yet for every tale of overnight stardom, there are countless more of disappointment and failure, for behind the glitz and glamour, there is a darker side to Hollywood. Certainly, the location appears to have gained a sinister reputation. Paranormal Investigator Nick Nocerino, former director of the Institute of Psychic and Hypnotic Studies once declared there were more homes afflicted by evil entities in the Hollywood area than anywhere else in California. Aleister Crowley is rumoured to have formed a black magic coven there in the 1920s and the Founder of the Church of Satan, Anton Le Vey held court with movie stars, most notably Jayne Mansfield, later died in a horrific car accident. Hollywood was also the backdrop to Charles Manson’s hippie cult murders which led to the deaths of seven people, including Sharon Tate, the actress wife of d